Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stationery and planner addict

Sorry for being absent for so long. Lately I have being writing down lots of ideas to write about and somehow never end up posting anything. I have had a really busy start of the schoolyear also, so I blame that for everything.

Anyhow, I have two big material loves in my life. One of them is goth and the second is stationery! I have loved it as long as I can remember. I was a little girl when I was sure that my future job would be in an office as I loved the supplies so much.

Well, I can talk about this forever, and maybe someday I will, but I actually wanted to share a link with you. I have spent last week watching Youtube videos, browsing Pintrest and different blogs on everything planner related. I am truly in love with my daily planner and could not live without it.

So I started to think that maybe there are fellow goths or people of the darker aesthetic who are as much in love with stationery as I am. So I made a Facebook group. I do think that I will remain the only one there :P but it's worth trying, isn't it? I personally do not know any goths who love stationery and planners, so Internet is the only way to find people with similar interests.

Facebook group:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Gothette went shopping in UK

As I mentioned a long-long time ago, I had a practical course study in UK. As an eager shopper and also originating from a hillbilly-land, I was SO exited to maybe have some free time for shopping.
I stayed near Manchester in a small town called Burnley. I did some shopping there but most in Manchester.
I only spent a night in London and went to Camden to party and do a pub crawl, but I so-so want to go back to shop in Camden. I do believe I would have so much more interesting stuff to show you guys then.

But I still got to do some shopping. And I must say right from the beginning, I was a little disappointed - but at the same time got a lot more stuff than usually from pretty much anywhere. My biggest goal was to find some make-up or at least beauty products. I mostly use organic products and I was so sure that a big consumer-y country like UK would be filled with those. That was the aspect I was disappointed in. I basically found nothing! They had huuuge drugstores, but none of them had any organic cosmetics and a very few, if any, organic beauty products. I finally found an organic shop, but they had almost no make-up, only they same brands as we have and and only some new and interesting beauty products. So I did not get so much stuff as I would have liked. But hey, better something than nothing, right.
And as I am going back to Camden some day, I will research for good organic shops in London also. Oh, dreams!

So, from the One-Pound-Shop I got a pair of Timotei Organics shampoo and conditioner. I have not seen them before and even though I have only used salon products for the past couple of years, I bought them and thought I should try. At least there was something with organic written on them!
But I have not used them yet, so no useful review. And I do think that it is almost impossible to suggest hair washing products to somebody, because hair react so differently. 

The next three things are from the organic shop. Nelson's  Pure and Clear Balancing Moisturizer and Nelson's Pure and Clear Purifying Cleansing Wash. I rather like them. I am not very persistent when it comes to moisturizing, cleansing or something like that because I have a rather good skin so I always forget to take care of it and my products age, so I have to throw them away. But now I am trying to be good and use them. I also got a lip balm - Dr.Organic Aloe Vera Lip Balm, because I ran out of mine in UK. It's good but I feel like I have to apply it too much and too ofter for it to have an effect.
Then two hair care products from a drugstore, I forgot my heat defense, so I got a new one in mini size and also a hairspray . TreSemme is the brand and I like them very much, they are not organic but have pretty good ingredients comparing to other brands. The heat defence spray is really really good, I did not even realize how bad mine was before that. Definitely have to find a better one if that one runs out.
Last is a pair of fake lashes from Primark. I got them because I was bored waiting in line. Nicely done, Primark.

I mostly got a bunch of basics for my girls as they are times and times cheaper than here. But they were all boring, so I am not going to show them. But I did manage to find some stuff for myself too. From Primark I got two pairs of pantyhose, a bra, a London-themed cosmetics bag (it's so not me, but I liked the pattern and decided to get it anyway) and also two tops. At first I was a little bummed that I got those tops after realizing how much many I spent, though they were really cheap, but now I am really happy because I use them a lot. They have ruffles and they are really cute under dresses with too big cleavage, they give out a hint of modern Victorian.

What made me definitely the happiest, was finding a LaSenza lingerie shop! I used to only shop in there but they closed up our shops a few years back and I still cry for them as it is really difficult for me to find good quality and pretty lingerie elsewhere. I actually wanted to buy two pairs but my card didn't go through and I did not have more cash. But at least I got one pair, so happy! I really love LaSenza.

And the last thing I got was a suitcase! Because I got so much stuff that I need another one. AWKWARD! Actually I went to UK with only a handbag as my hand luggage, so luckily I did not have to pay extra, just had this as my hand luggage.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New stuff from E.L.F.

I actually would like to make those month to month new stuff posts, but at the moment I am so behind on all of my blogging, that I'll just give it a go in the old way.

I am starting at the top again, when I should start at the bottom and show you all the makeup I already have and use. And I am planning to do that. And I will do that! But as I have not yet, I might as well show you guys some new things I got during two different hauls (sale, of course!) this year.

As I have told before, I dyed my hair all black over oh-so-many years this autumn and then I really got into lipsticks. I have had a few lipsticks over the years here and there, but I rarely ever used them, because I thought that they did not go with my colorful hair.

I actually use makeup that is organic or at least as natural as possible, but as I did not know if I would start (and continue) using lipsticks this time, I decided to go for a cheaper version at first. And E.L.F. is at least cruelty-free and actually has quite good ingredients compared to other mainstream cosmetics. 

So, first I got a moisturising lipstick in the color Red Carpet. I really love it! It's a true deep red, but not too dark. It's really pretty and lights up my look in a second. Also, the lipstick is truly moisturising as promised. It stays on quite a long time, although it does stain a little when you drink something but I think it's the same way with all the lipsticks? Anyway, I love and recommend it. 
I also got the same one in Velvet Rope, but that was way too bright for my taste, so I did not keep it.

As I am in the process of coloring a part of my hair nowadays (yes, again), then I can not use red lipstick at the moment. So I ordered the same one in color Rosy-Go-Round, which is a nice subtle pink and what I use most at the moment.

I also got a new tone in the Glossy Gloss series, a Merry Cherry - it's a nice red lip gloss, not so bright as a lipstick and more suitable in some days. I already got the Funky Fuchsia, love the bright magenta color, so I decided to get a red one also.

The Lip Stain in color Crimson Crush, a darker deep red, I do not like so much. It dries my lips so badly that it hurts. And I have to apply many layers to get a nice color and after a while it goes kinda...flaky? I also found it weird that it looks, smells and feels like a regular marker, I am not comfortable in applying that to my lips and I do not even want to know the ingridients. I read a lot of good reviews on it, so I was really surprised. The only thing I do like is that it does stay on forever.
So I decided to use it instead of a lip pencil to line my lips. It goes really well with the Red Carpet lipstick, being just a little bit darker. But I still do not know if I am going to keep using it. 

I also got a new mineral eyeshadow, I have a few of them, they stay on nicely and I like them. This is in color Glamorous, a nice subtle lilac tone. I actually have not used this one yet, because as I said I am in between changing my hair color and it limits me a lot at the moment. 

This Studio Small Smudge Brush I got for I do not know what reasons, but I found it to be a wonderful eyebrow brush, as I recently discovered coloring my eyebrows with mineral pigment. It has a really good size for my eyebrows, but I do think it's too small and firm for smudging eyeshadows, at least for me.  

So, that's it for this time and hopefully I will get around to showing my makeup collection soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How do you smell?

Compared to most women, I am so not into perfumes. I have only two perfumes at home and I don't even use one every day. I am definitely not up do date in the perfume world. I have had the same so-called signature perfume for over 6 years.

When I was young, of course we bought all those cheap supermarket perfumes for teenagers. They were almost always really bad. Then I had just different gifts, but I did not really keep in mind to use them. I usually gave the perfumes away after some time, no point in wasting them, right. I also won a couple from girly magazines, even a Burberry one. I used some of it and then gave it away, like always.

I think that Valentino's Rock'n Rose is the first "nice" perfume I longed for. At least I don't remember any others.
I saw the picture of it in a magazine and fell ab-so-lu-tely in love with the bottle. I almost did not care what the scent was!

I went to a fancy shop to smell it and loved it even more. It was so me! I was also lucky to score some small testers from the shop what lasted me quite some time.

Of course, the real perfume was way out of my price range. But I still longed for it. Until, more than 6 years ago, I got a surprise package for Christmas from my friend. It had all sorts of really really pretty things in it, but the prettiest was a bottle of Rock'n Rose! Oh, I was so happy I was in tears!

I used it every day. I loved it. I still do! When the first bottle was finally empty, I was in a better place with my life and could afford to get a new one. I got a big bottle! Fortunately by that time it was not so trendy anymore, so I got it for a pretty good price. I still have more than half left, so I guess it will last me another 5 years.

The second perfume I have was a gift from my thenboyfriend-nowhusband. I love it too, it's very different, much more mature and elegant. It's Paco Rabanne Black XS. It still has some life left, but soon it will be empty.

I don't really care for perfumes as they are really toxic. But at the same time I do use them as they are in my make up cupboard and I do have periods in my life when I love using a perfume.

I think that by the time I need I new one, I have changed a little and gotten older, so I will not get another bottle of Rock'n Rose. I still love the smell, but I feel like it's starting to be a little too girly for me. Although everybody says it's so me and they have gotten used to me smelling like this all the time.
Yet Black XS - I am not woman enough for that yet. Haa. So I need something in between. And hopefully a little less toxic than usual perfumes.

Do you have perfumes you consider your signature ones?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A winter photoshoot

I have done quite a few photo shoots over the years, but no recent ones. So I thought I will show you some old ones. But before I got around to that, I had another one. It was supposed to be an ugly gray forest shoot, but OF COURSE it started to snow for the first time this winter on just that day. So instead we got a pretty snowy photo shoot. Here's a small selection of the outcome - Mormelar in January 2014:

Treating myself with new stuff

Sometime deep in the winter I got a bonus from work. Most of it suddenly disappeared into everyday shoppings and food, but on one afternoon I decided to go shopping! I think it is something I have not done in a while, most of my things are found by accident, except second hand findings.

So, I really really needed a hat. I had looked everywhere for it, but as big, furry and yellow are the key words in hat fashion this year, I had no luck what-so-ever. But, as the weather was really cold and I had ruined my last hat, I had to buy something.

I finally found an okey hat, which I later on transformed into awesome, from Mohito. There was a huge bargain, so I also grabbed a pair of faux leather gloves. I actually can not remember if I have ever had leather gloves before. I don't think so. But they were cute.

The skirt is a plain HM skirt I got while visiting our capital for a work thing. Always time to do a little shopping during the lunch break! Also the Couleur Caramel mascara is from that time. This is my third one, I think, I am in love with it. I have to make a separate post about my make up stuff!

We also went to a getaway-weekend in Riga. It was a really cool and romantic weekend, we walked in the city, took part in some events and also snuggled a lot in the hotel. As my husband dislikes shops and shopping in general, I tried to stay away from them. We only visited a craft shop and a few eco shops, for I needed a new foundation. In the third one I got it. It's Sante and the lightest color as usual.

Back to my shopping day. I got two dresses from Lindex. The fun thing is, that they are from the girls section and only one of them is for my daughter! I really love this dress, the upper part is velvet and skirt part is black tulle, it is really pretty. I bought one for my daughter and tried on the biggest girls size just for fun. It is a little too short, I as am rather tall and the dress does not really take into account boobs and booty (why should it, right), but I just could not leave it in the store. I mean, having the same dress with your daughter? Adorable!

The last item I consider the biggest finding of the day. I have longed for a leather jacket for a few years now. But as I am not a skinny jeans model, I never liked any of them on me. I have ordered a few second hand ones from eBay, but always sold them. And then, just like that, there was a bargain (-70%) black jacket, only one size left, in Seppälä. And it fit me perfectly! I have not had the chance to wear it yet, as it still is winter, altough a warm one. Hopefully it will look as perfect on my dresses as I imagine it to look.

So, an overall nice afternoon, I am really pleased, as I did not spend a lot of money but I think I got some really nice things for myself.

Next week I will be in UK for a work project. And I will have lots of things to show you afterwards. I already ordered some things to a friend's place whom I will meet and hopefully I will have some time to shop also!