Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stationery and planner addict

Sorry for being absent for so long. Lately I have being writing down lots of ideas to write about and somehow never end up posting anything. I have had a really busy start of the schoolyear also, so I blame that for everything.

Anyhow, I have two big material loves in my life. One of them is goth and the second is stationery! I have loved it as long as I can remember. I was a little girl when I was sure that my future job would be in an office as I loved the supplies so much.

Well, I can talk about this forever, and maybe someday I will, but I actually wanted to share a link with you. I have spent last week watching Youtube videos, browsing Pintrest and different blogs on everything planner related. I am truly in love with my daily planner and could not live without it.

So I started to think that maybe there are fellow goths or people of the darker aesthetic who are as much in love with stationery as I am. So I made a Facebook group. I do think that I will remain the only one there :P but it's worth trying, isn't it? I personally do not know any goths who love stationery and planners, so Internet is the only way to find people with similar interests.

Facebook group:

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